How Does a Plate Heat Exchanger Work? – Venezuela Today

Two fluids without mixing according to the video. The plates’ efficiency can be attributable to the design as well as the expert use of gaskets for controlling the flow of fluid across plates within the heat exchanger. If you prefer to see, the process is described with great detail in the video.

The principal idea to be understood is that the more hot fluid goes into the heat exchanger through an opening in the upper left side and out through an opening in the lower left. The cooler fluid goes through exactly the opposite by entering through the lower right, and then leaving through the upper right. With the help of pumping, the fluids are moved through heat exchangers as well as along their opposite sides towards the internal plates. They can thus transfer heat with no being mixed or moving. Plate heat exchangers can be used for all industries, including the oil business. Check out the video below if you’d like to learn more about plate heat exchangers.


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