How to Use a Wireless DMX Controller – Geek Support Tech

roller. Even though the wireless transmitter is similar in use to those that use wires, there are some additional features.

Each light channel is equipped with an R G. (or B. and A. Each light channel has one of the following: an R-G B and an A (red-green-blue or the All) intensity control knob. Once you have pressed the red button for 2 minutes on the transmitter, it will activate the link LED that is activated at both the transmitter and receiver units. It will become paired in less than five minutes.

The lights will turn on to whichever channel they were last set to so in the event that the owner plans to switch their channel, they’ll have ensure that they know which bank of control sliders determines which channel will be cued with to the proper light.

The latest wireless DMX systems let users trust that their equipment will perform perfectly every time. The device is effective at long distances, however the interference of wireless signals can be a problem. For a complimentary demonstration and estimate on a wireless DMX controller, please call.


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