Looking for a Grain-Free Dog Food Recipe? Try This! – Little Molly Cake

If you visit the Dog Tips channel on YouTube, they have a video that shows you how to make a grain-free dog food in the crockpot. The video is entitled “Homemade Grain-Free Canine Food”. It’s a straightforward recipe you can cook for your pet by using a crockpot home. This recipe is easy to make in the slow cooker and you could go on to get things done or take care of errands when it cooks. The ingredients are cooked in the slow cooker for approximately 8 hours at a time on low.

2 pounds of frozen, boneless chicken breasts can be added to the crackpot. You should add enough water so as to fully cover the meat. A sweet potato, one apple and two carrots may be utilized to create a grain-free recipe to feed your dog. The heat should be turned down to low. It will take 8 hours to cook. Add more water to cover the veggies. Add a couple of tablespoons olive oil and one cup peas in your chicken chopped. The cooking time is another 30 minutes. When it is cool stirring it once more, serve to your pet. The recipe will keep for around a week the airtight container, which also has an lid.


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