Heres One of the Best Books for Cancer Survivors – you can’t buy culture

ries of Ali Rogin is one of the most recommended novels for cancer patients to devour.

Breast cancer is the 2nd most fatal cancer among American women. There are the number of deaths estimated at 42 thousand and 275 000 instances of new cases per year. Since breast cancer can be destructive, it is essential for people who have been diagnosed with it to have a source they can turn to for guidance and solidarity. If you need help with breast cancer, beat Breast Cancer Like A Boss could be an excellent resource.

In this publication, Ali Rogin and 29 others share stories about their personal experiences of breast cancer. Rogin was inspired to compile an assortment of their stories because it would have been helpful for her when she first discovered she had breast cancer. After Rogin’s diagnosis, Angelina Jolie spoke publicly about her own struggles for cancer. Rogin was struck by a feeling of community from this. The experience inspired Jolie’s to share that sense of solidarity with fellow breast cancer patients.

Whether you have breast cancer you or know someone with it, Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss an outstanding book. Take a moment to pick it up.


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